The New Culture of Desire: 5 Radical New Strategies That Will Change Your Business and Your Life

The New Culture of Desire: 5 Radical New Strategies That Will Change Your Business and Your Life

[FREE] The New Culture of Desire: 5 Radical New Strategies That Will Change Your Business and Your Life

Read Snippet : A wholly new force is driving human behavior today, and it’s turning the world as we know it upside down and inside out. Human behavior is now being driven by a new survival instinct — a new primal desire — that is invisibly but unstoppably reshaping the world, from the most intimate details of our private lives to the dynamics of the global marketplace. The New Culture of Desire reveals and chronicles this present and future brave new world — the beginning of Human History Part II. According to futurist Melinda Davis, it is evolving right under our noses, and we need to adapt now to survive — and to thrive. Described variously as “a secret weapon of the Fortune 100” and a “hired-gun visionary,” Davis divulges the startling conclusions and once confidential details of The Human Desire Project, a six-year, multidisciplinary study to investigate what makes human beings want what they want and do what they do. Originally initiated as a landmark study for big business (Davis’s client ranks include distinguished companies such as ATT, Merck, Diageo, Procter Gamble, L’Oreacute;al, Unilever, and Lucent Technologies), The Human Desire Project evolved into an even larger phenomenon with far-reaching implications for all of our lives. In The New Culture of Desire, you learn to leverage for your own good fortune, today — and into tomorrow — the same insights and strategies that inform the future plans of some of the most powerful corporate movers and shakers around. Here are just some of the revelations of The New Culture of Desire: bull; The unconscious formula that we all use to make choices now bull; Why bliss beats sex, money, and power bull; The new peak experience: the State of O bull; The single greatest unmet consumer need bull; The battle for our interior lives bull; The five strategies we enlist to satisfy the new primal desire — and what they mean for your life and your business Harvard-educated and street-smart, Davis examines the telltale signs of our rapidly morphing world with the nose of an MIT/MTV anthropologist and an arsenal of case histories. Quizzes and checklists appear throughout the book to help you diagnose your own desires. New marketing models provide new ways to speak more powerfully to the heart of your customers’ true desires. This insider’s analysis of the most powerful desire-driven trends of our time provides a strategic guide to the inside of the new millennial mind, to help you understand your own motivations and those of your colleagues, customers, and friends. Here are some of those cultural trends that you need to know about: bull; Magical Thinking: Looking for the simple, supernatural solution bull; The Third Sex: Having it all bull; Yoda-ism: New candidates for a god bull; Tribe Crashing: The ultimate insiderism bull; Hot-Blooded Spiritualism: Drumming up the saving graces bull; Raging Amazonianism: The rise of the butt-kicking babe bull; Pleasure Healing: Self-indulgence that does you good bull; P. Q.: The Performance Quotient: Upgrading the human processor A pioneering work that looks into what people want and why, The New Culture of Desire blows traditional future-planning theory and practice sky-high, and replaces it with groundbreaking strategies that really work.

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