Everybody’s Business: The Unlikely Story of How Big Business Can Fix the World

Everybody’s Business: The Unlikely Story of How Big Business Can Fix the World

(Library ebook) Everybody’s Business: The Unlikely Story of How Big Business Can Fix the World

This e book is an exciting hacker thriller that takes a biographical look into Mr. Mitnick’s early pc career infiltrating multinational companies’ networks. From spending all night dial-up breaking into phone programs to convincing company employees into installing malicious packages from diskettes sent by way of snail mail, this e book excellently captures the heart beat of a genuinely gifted social engineer. His actions invoke prison fees, in the end main him to go on the run. Thought of as a tenet in cybersecurity, people are the first line of defense for any company security program. This non-technical ebook is a should read for an intriguing perspective into securing the human behind the keyboard.

It’s been a decade since I first read Grey Hat Hacking, however I remember I couldn’t put it down. I are likely to avoid technical books as a result of I discover so many are poorly written and inaccurate, but this one was filled with nice information.

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Snippet : Sometimes it seems as if business exists purely to enrich a small elite. While the world is facing unprecedented challenges, it appears that businesses are only interested in making profits or paying bonuses. Big businesses are powerful machines. We all know they have the potential to cause enormous social and environmental harm; but with their resources and expertise they can also be great engines of positive change. Rather than fighting the power of business, should we be seeking to harness it? Everybody’s Business is a journey through the business world. We meet the companies that are driving business forward by mobilising to tackle the challenges we all face. At its heart, this is a story of businesses doing what they do best: delivering products and services that people need, creating jobs and finding new ways to solve old problems. It’s a story of people taking the initiative, and finding inspiration in the positive impact of their actions. We see how some of today’s leading companies are realising that lasting success comes from having a purpose broader than making a profit. They know that business should benefit customers, employees, suppliers, neighbours and the wider world, as well as shareholders. Enduring value comes from making business work for everybody.